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Automatic Cable Tying Machine 580A

580A is a hand-held, free climbing and cable quick attached tool, with internal
placement of components such as controllers. The tool could automatically complete
all steps of cable strapping, and could be widely used in the field of communication
engineering working at height, to replace traditional manual attached strapping cables.
The machine is mainly composed of five parts: body, special coil, battery, remote
control and hand-held lever.
  • 580A

Technical parameters:

Product model: 580A

Weight: 9 KGS

Tying range: 5-58mm

Iron wire diameter: 0.85mm

Tying length/knot:700-750mm

Knot/battery: 1500 knots

Voltage: 12.8V

Tying time: 0.8s

Charging time: 1.5 h

Battery capacityBattery capacity: 6600 mah .one battery can work more than 1500 times, about 3

km attached.

Insulating rod: It can insulate the voltage of 10 KV, it consist of glass fiber reinforced plastic

epoxy pipe. The length is1. 2 m.

Coated wire: 110m per roll, once tying length of 700-750mm once with attached to 2KM.

Remote control: The distance is 20m, it still effect through the tall wall.


Standard Accessories:

1pc of Cable tying machine 2pcs of battery

1pc of charger 2pcs of coated wire coil

1pc of Sharp Nose Pliers 2pcs of Allen Wrench

4pcs of insulating rod 2pcs of remote control

1pc of manual


Operation Instruction

I. Take out the insulator of the battery and charge the unused lithium battery for 1.5

hours before using the machine. While the charger green light is on and the red light

is off, the battery has been fully charged. Insert the battery into the relevant handle

position of machine. Turn on power switch, and the indicator light(red light) will on

with buzzer, which means the machine is on.

II. Rotate and remove the six-hole circular cover of the fixed wire plate in the middle

of the fuselage, In the power-on mode, Put our customized wire coil into the machine.

III. Take out and straighten the end of the wire (approx. 10-15cm), and slowly insert

the wire into the plastic mouth, until it is blocked. Put the wire coil cover back, and

lock the lock buckle.


Attention: the wire would fail to be sent if the end of the wire is not straightened.

IV. Hold the wire with two fingers and push it forward. Press the trigger, and send out

the wire.


Attention: keep your hands away from the jaw when tying

V. Take out the high suitable insulation rod, and connect with the battery insulation


VI. 6.Lift the fuselage and select the right line for construction.

VII. Put all the cables that need to be bundled into the binding grooves.

VIII. The construction personnel press the remote control switch, and the attached

machine will to the automatic spin, hinge tightly and cutting off.

IX . Press the second operation after one operation, do not continue to operate many

times, in case of the two wire entangled together.

X. After you hear the machine beep for a long time, please restart the power and the

machine will restore to working condition.

XI. The wire guiding block is quick-wear part, so it is need to be adjusted if necessary.

Loose the screw and adjust it to proper position(see figure2). The proper diameter of

the knot circle is 83-85mm

XII. Torque Adjusting(see figure 3). Adjust torque when the knot tightness is

improper. Press the “+” button to increase the torque when the knot is loose ( the

factory setting is 10th level). The buzzer sounds according to the related level, e.g

there are 4 buzzer sounds when the torque is on 4th level. Press “-” button when the

knot is too tight(the knot is easy to be broken).





Trouble Shooting




Turn on button doesn't

work and machine cannot

be opened

1.The battery is over-used

or damaged

2.Failures of motor or

circuit board

3.The battery is not insert

or inserted tightly

Change battery or install

battery again after it is

fully charged. If still

failed, send the machine to

professional maintenance

personal for repair

Motor works, but no wire

comes out

1. Without wire coil or

install non-designated wire


2. The end of the wire is

not straightened

1. Insert designated wire


2. Straighten the end of

the wire

The machine doesn't work

1. Low battery

2. The gearing is jammed

3. Failures of motor or

circuit board

1. Fully charged the


2. Open the gearing and

take out the stuff

The wire fail to be cut off

Wear of the wire cut blade

or wire guiding block

Change the wire cut blade

or wire guiding block

Wire shifting: the wire is

not in the right place of the

jaw, which leads to tying failure

The jaw is blocked, which

will cause intervention of

wire track. As a result, the wire does not come out in the right place.

Adjust the tying angle and

clean the obstacles in the

wire track, so as to eliminate all interference.

Charger indicator light off

The charger failures

Replace it with a new


Buzzer Alarm

1. the machine does not be

used after turn on the

power switch over one


2. Run out of the battery.

1.Switch off and restart the


2.Fully charged the battery

or change the battery


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