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Six motors MINI Fusion Splicer HOEA3600

Key Features:
1>Quick splicing time: 8-9 seconds
2>Quick heating time: 15-25 seconds
3>More Portable design
  • HOEA3600



Applicable FibersSM(ITU-T G.652), MM(ITU-T G.651), NZ-DS(ITU-T G.653), NZDS (ITU-T
G.655),EDF, Pigtail, Cable (rubber-insulated wire), others(including G.657 & G.651)
SC/LC/FC connector (optional function)
Average Splice Loss0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(NZDS), 0.04dB(EDF)
Return Loss≥60dB
Tension Test2.0N(200gf)(Standard)
Typical splicing time8 -9 seconds
Typical heating time15-25 seconds
Splicing Program50 groups
Protection Sleeve Length20mm, 40mm, 60mm
Operating LanguageChinese, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Operating Conditions-25~+50°C(operation temperature),0~95% RH(humidity), 0~5000m(altitude)
Power SupplyAC adaptor: 100~240V input voltage, 50/60Hz; 12V, 5A output voltage(DC)
Inner lithium battery: 12V, 5.2AH
Monitor4.3 inches high resolution colorful LCD display
Fiber Image MagnificationX or Y axis Separately views 420 times magnification, or Simultaneously 220 times
Storage of Splice Result6,000 groups of latest splice results
Splicing ModeAuto & Manual & Full Auto

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